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Twitter- a writer’s best friend

Chichester Copywriter uses Twitter to promote her business and communicate with fellow writers; why not when it’s quick, easy and free? Social Media Optimisation is just one of the services offered by Chichester Copywriter and its far better when marketers practice what they preach, don’t you think?

Consider this string of actual events that reveals precisely how social media can spread the word about writers and introduce new writing contacts:

  • Helen Beal publicised her charity Bookswap event on Twitter
  • Kate saw this, retweeted the event, wrote a blog about it for Chichester Design and talked about attending the event at
  • While attending the event our copywriter met writer Jane Rusbridge
  • Kate became friends with Jane on Facebook
  • Jane became a fan of
  • Jane contacted Chichester Copywriter about helping her publicise her book using social media
  • Chichester Copywriter set up a profile for Jane here:, suggested individuals and organisations she should follow and provided her with a tip-sheet on how to carry on promoting herself and her books through Twitter
  • Jane is now using Twitter alongside other social media, such as Facebook and her blog

As a result of a mere 140 character Tweet a book event was promoted, which lead to further promotion through more social mediums, a contact was made and book promotion through Twitter began.

There are various ways that Chichester Copywriter recommends Jane Rusbridge uses Twitter to publicise her first book The Devil’s Music as well as the yet to be published Rook, from Tweeting about upcoming book signings and literary festivals she will be attending to  running giveaways and competitions.

If you would like Chichester Copywriter to advise you on how you can use Twitter as a writer’s friend or to promote any other products and services, please contact

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