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There’s a new tapir in town

Those of you who are close followers of Chichester Copywriter will know that Kate simply adores tapirs. Ever since visiting Longleat on Valentine’s Day in 2008, our West Sussex copywriter has had a penchant for their snuffling noses and affectionate squeaks. The truth is that the tapir is this writer’s muse, helping to keep the creative copywriting free-flowing.

While visiting London Zoo Kate acquired her very own Malayan tapir and named him Terrance and although Terrance enjoys having the rule of the Chichester Copywriter office he can get a little lonely at times. Kate has been on the lookout for a buddy for Terrance for quite a while and it was back where this beautiful love story all began that she found joy.

Deep in the depths of the Longleat souvenir shop a striped baby tapir lay peacefully among the other animals.  As Kate approached the small mammal jumped into her arms and gave her a big grin and a twitch of the snout and that was that.  The tapir was named Tallulah and, after a jaunt on the Longleat safari, where she bid farewell to her sun-basking South American cousin, Tallulah was bound for Chichester Copywriter HQ.

For Tallulah and Terrance it was love at first sight, making for a very contented workplace. They are now snuggled on Chichester Copywriter’s desk coordinating SEO web copywriting, brochure copywriting, social media optimisation and digital marketing strategies, but their main duty is to keep the creative copywriting is in full swing!

Contact for more details on professional copywriting services or call 01243 533421 and ask for Kate (Terrance and Tallulah are still learning how to take down messages).

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