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Chichester Copywriter follows in Jane Austin’s footsteps

Chichester Copywriter followed in the footsteps of fellow writer Jane Austen and decided to holiday in the beautiful city of Bath this summer. It was a trip made up of some serious relaxation at the famous Thermae Bath Spa and lots of animal antics too.

Unlike Jane Austen who wasn’t that enamoured with Bath, Chichester Copywriter enjoyed the Georgian architecture from  the top deck of the Bath City Sightseeing bus, which took Kate et al past Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths, Queen Square, The Jane Austen Centre, The Circus, Pulteney Bridge and Royal Victoria Park. The creative copywriter also enjoyed spotting the city’s latest public art event, Lions of Bath 2010.

A pride of 100 uniquely decorated and vibrant 6ft lion sculptures can be found in and around the World Heritage City of Bath to raise funds for local charities. The majestic Leos are sponsored by local businesses, communities and individuals, and decorated by talented artists and craftspeople from Bath and beyond. The sculptures can be spotted all over the city, from the more expected such as Bath Spa’s train station as designed by Brunel to the more unexpected such as nearby Longleat.

Speaking of Longleat, our West Sussex copywriter visited Lord Bath’s home and admired the eccentric genius’ artwork. As a man who is known for his love of colour, Lord Bath has transformed his 19th Century mansion with outlandish modern murals, rich in vibrancy, texture and social and cultural meaning.

While there she saw some copywriting inspirations in the form of hippos wallowing in the boating lake, a gorilla watching TV on his island, barmy bats, bucking zebra, a newborn giraffe and flamingo chicks, protective ostrich parents, foraging fallow deer, territorial tigers, lounging lions, wayward wolves and a tapir enjoying the afternoon sun. But there’s more about tapirs later…

Chichester Copywriter needed a bit of recuperation after trudging up and down Bath’s hilly roads in search of luminous lions and observing all of that fascinating animal behaviour on a Longleat safari, even fitting in time to visit the Westbury White Horse, so retired to Britain’s only natural thermal spa.

At Bath’s spa she enjoyed the warm, mineral-rich waters that were discovered by the Celts and Romans more than 2000 years ago. Watching the August sun go down over Bath’s pale architecture from the open-air rooftop pool before breathing easy in the scented steam rooms and floating around the lazy river, much like one of Lord Bath’s hippos, was just the ticket. Kate’s now refreshed and ready to write. So, contact today with your professional copywriting project.

There are lots more photographs of Bath, the Lions of Bath and Longleat at:

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