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Chichester Copywriter at Arundel Festival

Chichester Copywriter made the most of the Bank Holiday sunshine yesterday with good food and all the fun of the fair at the last day of this year’s Arundel Festival…

She started with a good nose around Arundel’s newest independent bookshop, The Book Ferret, which stocks a magical array of all things literary, including a fantastic selection of art books and some marvellous Moomins books too. Then it was time for a delicious cream tea while listening to the street music followed by a relaxing neck massage, which sorted out those writer’s cricks.

Next, our West Sussex copywriter watched the waiters’ race, where waiting staff from local restaurants ran up and down Arundel High Street while trying to keep a drink balanced on a tray, it was quite a spectacle. Then it was the legendary duck race, which saw plastic yellow, duckies released from Arundel Bridge and set off down the River Arun at a less than speedy pace. It was nail biting stuff, see how events unfolded in the photos below!

After all this frivolity, Chichester Copywriter took a relaxing stroll in the afternoon sun along the river to the Black Rabbit. Here she enjoyed a hearty and delicious dinner at the water’s edge as the sun went down before walking back into Arundel to watch the Festival’s finale fireworks. These huge colourful bursts against a backdrop of the river by moonlight were the perfect end to the perfect day.

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