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Ode to Lordington Lavender

Descent through dusty tunnel of trees, passing barns of headily scented hay,

Horizon fills with a violet haze that widens the eye and quickens the heart;

Steps pace as aromatics fulfil, yet do not overwhelm, and incandescence intensifies.

Standing at the hill’s foot, gazing at wave upon wave upon wave upon wave,

The occasional temperate gust stirs clustered, regal soldiers, who strive for the sun;

And, as a stone disturbs a mill pond, this sends shimmers of purple hue and perfume.

Bees hover, gather and shift from flower to flower, getting their worth; a constant hum.

Crickets spring from stem to stem, in concerto, rustling stalk and branch as they leap.

Couples meander through channels, adorned with amethysts as they make their way up.

At the head, vivid mauve sets off soft to vibrant greens as the Downs beyond rise and fall,

Here we stand and can’t bear to avert our eyes lest the lavender beauty leaves us.

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