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Culture Consumes Chichester

Chichester Copywriter likes nothing more than a bit of culture, from art and literature to theatre and food, culture is right up Kate’s street and one of her biggest copywriting inspirations.

In the past week Chichester Copywriter has witnessed a whole myriad of cultural events including poetry readings and live music out on the Cathedral Green, courtesy of the English Department of the University of Chichester.

This outdoor event, designed to break down barriers between academia and the people of Chichester, featured six poets, including Hugh Dunkerley West Sussex’s very own poet laureate. It was a fascinating afternoon dedicated to local writers, seeping with a passion and creativity that Chichester Copywriter loves to soak up. There were even some displays of book cover design, fashion design and architectural design that caught Kate’s eye.

Last Friday evening Chichester Copywriter attended a talk between award-winning restaurant critic and columnist for The Times, Giles Coren, and local food writer, Rosemary Moon. Giles is well-known for making the front page two years ago when he sent a very angry email to his sub-editors at The Times, one of which removed a single letter a from an article he wrote and managed to turn the emphasis of his closing line on its head.

Our Chichester Copywriter has been subject to a few irritating editorial errors herself. It’s so easy for misunderstandings to occur when copy is proof read by others and for words to get missed when copy is pasted into designs – but this makes it no less irksome when you see how your masterpiece can be destroyed in an instant. A little egotistical? Maybe, but it’s human nature nonetheless and if writers don’t take a pride in their work then it’s debateable whether they should bother at all because no one really wants to read a load of drivel, which has received less that 30 seconds thought.

Ironically, Kate’s partner Pete spotted an error in the talk’s programme where the s in Giles’ name was omitted. This observation was pointed out to the man himself who answered with grace that he wasn’t too bothered since the error triggered fond memories of Spanish girlfriends who would pronounce his name as Gile, and he found that a little stirring, even now! Kate was a little stirred herself after the lovely Giles handed back her programme that he’d been fondling!

As the talk progressed it came to light that Rosemary Moon was taking Giles to dinner at local eatery Field & Fork so our Chichester Copywriter couldn’t help but contact Mr Coren via Twitter the next day to ask if he enjoyed his meal and suggest that he check out, one of Chichester Copywriter’s SEO webcopy triumphs.

The weekend brought with it the RAJF’s Bavarian beerfest and Oompahs aplenty band , then Monday was Magnets time! It’s fair to say that the Magnets, who have been deemed the UK’s most exciting a capella and beatboxing group, are awesome. Six guys got up on stage in the vast cathedral with no instruments and used just their voices and incredible talent to create the sound of a band. The Magnets covered classic pop anthems including the likes of The Scissor Sisters, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. They even performed an alphabetical medley, stunning the crowd with everything from ACDC to the Zutons.

Chichester Copywriter couldn’t resist investing in a CD of The Magnets so she could be transported to that haven of enjoyment and inspiration while copywriting in the future. You can see a video, courtesy of  The Magnets’ Facebbok page here: The Magnets Chichester

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