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Chichester Copywriter waves off Mongol Rally 2010

On Saturday our favourite West Sussex Copywriter saw the start of the Mongol Rally, where 100s of cars set off from Goodwood, after a glory lap around the legendary race track, for a slog a third of the way around the world to the finish line in Ulaanbaatar.

Cars of every description – some humorous and some that looked less than road worthy – were there to take on terrains of every description, have a lot of fun and start an epic adventure!  But it’s all for a great cause; those cars that make the destination are auctioned off or donated to the people of Mongolia at the end of the race. So the country does get something back from a load of madcap motorists invading their roads!

Most of the Mongol Rally teams travel in cars that are up to 1 litre and younger than 10 years old. However, some teams chose to travel in service vehicles, such as fire engines and ambulances, which will be intrinsically useful when donated at the end.

Chichester Copywriter was there to wave off one local team this year, Stardust, made up of fellow writer Helen Beal and friend Victoria. They are tackling the 10,000 mile trek in a Land rover ambulance named Estelle and, as well as raising money for Christina Noble and Mercy Corps, they will be donating Estelle directly to a hospital at the finish. You can make a donation and keep up-to-date with their progress here: Follow Stardust on Twitter here:

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