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Chichester Copywriter admires Oxmarket miniatures and great Sculptures in Paradise

A trip to Chichester’s Oxmarket Centre of Arts was in order last week so that Chichester Copywriter could admire the Summer Exhibition of the Society of Limners – miniaturists and calligraphers. Although, as a writer, the art of calligraphy has always been of great interest, miniature artwork is not something that has particularly appealed to Chichester Copywriter in the past. But because the 300 miniscule paintings were on display close by, and at no charge, it seemed churlish not to go and have a look.

Chichester Copywriter was thrilled with the display, which revealed tiny landscapes, seascapes, snap-shots of summer gardens and favourite animals. However, it was the Art Deco and Art Nouveau miniature works that were most beautiful and inspirational to our West Sussex Copywriter.

The reason why the miniatures were so impressive is simple. Creating a painting or any other artwork is skilled at the best of times but the restriction of space and the skill needed to produce so many fine, neat brushstrokes takes amazing control and aptitude. Hats off to the Society of Limners!

Our professional copywriter also enjoyed Celia Henderson’s Summer Flowers, a photography subject close to Kate’s own heart. While the collections of Trata Maria Drescha and Nicholas Nugent presented some stunningly colourful canvases showing sailing boats at Bosham and some delightful mosaic cats. It was also fascinating to see the Art Deco/Art Nouveau and poetic influences in Robin Elliot’s display, which would have looked quite at home at Chichester Copywriter HQ.

After a picnic lunch in the grounds of Chichester Cathedral, Kate explored Chichester Festivities’ Sculptures in Paradise. This is something that Chichester Copywriter does every year – a walk around admiring fine sculptures from every angle in the grass area enclosed by the Cathedral Cloisters, deciphering their meaning and photographing the findings. 

Kate Denton’s Sun Day Worship, a bronze figure of a girl sitting on a bench, really captured the blissful feeling of warmth on the skin during long lazy summers. Grandiflora Red by Carole Andrews revealed the colour, shape and detail of garden plants and coral reefs. Jonathan Hateley’s Invasion, showing snail upon snail, was clever and heart-warming and Rodney Munday’s Standing Hare and Crouching Hare, while reminiscent of a Martial Arts film title, brought an essence of spring and reminded Kate of the hare statue that guards her balcony.

Here are the photographs:

The sculptures are at the Cathedral until Saturday 24th July if you haven’t had a chance to see them yet and Chichester Copywriter’s photographs have left you screaming for more.  

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2 Responses to Chichester Copywriter admires Oxmarket miniatures and great Sculptures in Paradise

  1. Mary Brooke says:

    I wold be very grateful if you could send me Trat Maria Drescha’s email address. I bought one of her mosaics of Bosham but some of the tiles have become dislodged and I would like to ask her advice about replacing them. THis is a treasured mosaic and am anxious to contact her.
    Thank you for your help.
    Mary Brooke

  2. katylassetter says:

    Hi Mary, I’m afraid I don’t know the artist, I was just admiring her work. You would best off contacting the Oxmarket Gallery or the Forge Gallery directly, where she has also recently exhibited, for contact details. Sorry I can’t be of any further help, Kate.

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