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Chichester Copywriter sees Poetry in Paradise

The theme for this year’s Festival of Flowers at Chichester Cathedral was Poetry in Paradise – flowers and poetry, Chichester Copywriter was there with (blue)bells on!

This is the 16th year that the Festival of Flowers has come to Chichester Cathedral and this was the first year that Chichester Copywriter has visited. It was fascinating to see how people interpreted lines from their favourite poems in floral displays or captured the entire essence of a poem in their choice of flowers, colours and garden accessories.

One of Chichester Copywriter’s favourites was a big display devoted to rhymes from Alice in Wonderland, featuring the Queen of Heart’s red rose bushes. The Roses are Red Violets are Blue display was simple yet brilliant with roses arranged into heart wreaths, accents of violets, shelves of old fashioned sweet jars, flowers growing out of bags of sweets and flowers spelling out So R U.

There was even an ode to Rudyard Kipling’s jungle inspired writing with tropical flowers and wire mesh sculptures of lions, warthogs and a rhinoceros.  But the most striking display was the heavenly arrangement ode to God’s Garden around the Cathedral’s font and featuring beautiful white roses surrounding a stunning angel.

Just take a look at these photos and you’ll see why the Festival of Flowers inspired this month’s copywriting:

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