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Chichester Copywriter manages marketing for Cobnor Activities Centre

Since working on their SEO website copy and the professional copywriting for their brochure, Chichester Copywriter has planned and set in motion a complete marketing strategy for Cobnor Activities Centre.

She has been not only been investigating the best local publications in which the multi-activity centre should advertise their services but also introduced the concept of social media, which has taken like a boat to water (sorry!)

Chichester Copywriter began in January by managing Cobnor’s blog, which focuses on what’s going on at the Centre and around Chichester Harbour, local news, multi-activity news and combining all these related topics to get a great balance of keywords which work wonders with the website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Over the last month Kate’s taken Cobnor’s social media a step further by creating a Facebook fanpage and Twitter profile to make keeping up-to-date with Cobnor more up-to-the-minute while further helping SEO.

On 28th May Kate fully optimised the pages to reflect Cobnor’s brand and sell their services. The Twitter page not only helps Cobnor to keep up with local organisations of interest such as Chichester Harbour, Sussex Wildlife Trust and Portsmouth Historic Dockyards as well as other sailing centres, water and land based sports enthusiasts. Twitter also helps to spread the word about Cobnor and its events and special offers on both a local and global scale with 140 character posts that contain url links to more information. Cobnor has 51 followers so far and this figure is climbing daily.

The Facebook fanpage is doing phenomenally well gaining over 100 followers in just 3 weeks. This is not only a great way for Cobnor’s staff and clients to stay in contact but it’s also a great way to create links to the Centre’s website and blog, create events and send invites to the fanbase for free and create photo galleries that people can contribute to and comment on.

Since pushing this social media marketing forward Cobnor Activities Centre has received a number of enquiries, with a local company even booking a corporate day as a result.

Chichester Copywriter will continue to manage Cobnor Activities Centre’s social media, particularly throughout their peak season (May-August) when they have plenty to chat about. She is also planning print advertisements to start running from August to promote the availability of corporate days from September and summer activities for 2011.

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