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Does it really matter if you’re a female copywriter or a male copywriter?

It was Election Day yesterday and in the past I must admit to being a bit lackadaisical about getting my vote in. I always thought: “What’s the point?”, “my opinion won’t make all that difference” and “whoever’s in government never seems to do a good job anyway, so what does it matter?” But I’ve come to realise that it does matter. I’m not a raving feminist but women fought tooth and nail for us to have our say and I like to voice my opinion on many other issues so why not have a say on how the country’s run?

This is the point, women now have a voice. While copywriting has been regarded by some as a predominantly male world, women can also use their voices to write marketing emails, web copy, brochure copy, advertising copy, press releases and more as copywriters.

I’ve worked in quite a male dominated design world and noticed some subtle differences in the ways that I would get spoken to when compared with my male colleagues. Not out and out sexism or objectification, just differences. As unfortunate as it is, you get used to this as a woman working anywhere that’s not regarded as “traditionally female” and learn to live with it. Perhaps this is just down to the location in which you work – in certain places the old boy’s network is very much alive and kicking! The thing is, I never paid this much attention until a client approached me specifically wanting a female copywriter.

I had never come across an expressed desire for a female copywriter over a male copywriter before and I was intrigued as to why and then I considered the subject they wanted me to write on and it all clicked into place. I have worked on the copy for a whole range of businesses including car insurance, jewellers, equestrian goods sellers, restaurants, carpet fitters, window and door suppliers, data centres, electricians, outdoor activity centres, science journal publishers- you name an industry and I’ve probably written the copy for it at some time. But I don’t think my copywriting skills are down to my gender – interests, upbringing, interests and culture – a whole host of factors come into the mix.

Take jewellery for example, I found copywriting on this subject very easy as I was familiar with the terms and interested in the products. However, another female copywriter on my team did not find writing about jewellery particularly easy and instead embraced writing about equestrian equipment since she’d been brought up in the country and her mother owned horses. This horsey world was more alien to me.

Writing about car insurance, on the other hand, was more of an education for me. I don’t drive and knew little about motors until I started writing about them. I started watching Top Gear and learnt so much from the internet about car safety, car models and car accessories. I was even equipped to advise my partner on car and insurance choice when he was looking.

Copywriting for Cobnor Activities Centre comes naturally to me too. This is what my partner does for a living so listening talk about his work for the past eight years was bound to sink eventually. I am by no means an expert on outdoor education, boats and the RYA, but just having a little understanding on the subject you’re copywriting, whether you research it online or experience it first-hand, gives you that edge above your competitors.

I suppose what it comes down to is that any copywriter can write on any subject, regardless of their gender or what they’re interested in. However, the very best writing is going to come from someone who has that little bit more insight into a subject. With insight comes confidence and with confidence can come some truly excellent copywriting. Next time you’re thinking of who you want t do your professional copywriting, why don’t you give this some thought?

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