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Chichester Copywriter heads to Pallant House Gallery

Last Saturday Chichester Copywriter took a trip to Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, which was having an open day. This was the perfect opportunity to get some copywriting inspiration and see how art helps others to express themselves too.

It was great to see some of the gallery’s current exhibitions and installations for free, including John Tunnard: Inner Space to Outer Space, his first major exhibition for thirty years; St Ives and Beyond, Paintings, drawings and sculptures celebrating the inspirational friendships and family connections between the artists associated with the Cornish town; The Search for the Real, a collection of works revealing how 20th century figurative artists approached the human form; WOKmedia: A New Breed; Toby Patterson: New New Festival.

The Chichester Copywriter was even lucky enough to join a walking tour of the gallery, which put the history of the original building, the new extension, galleries and exhibitions in context. This was a real eye-opener to how the gallery came about. It also revealed the meaning behind many of the popular pieces and helped me to better understand art as a form of expression for an artist, just like copywriting is a form of expression for a copywriter.

Many paintings within the gallery tell a story and evoke unanswerable questions, which stir the imagination, from Julian Trevelyan’s The Absentee Pig to Michael Andrews’ Thames Painting: The Estuary. There are also paintings, such as Henry Moore’s The Apprehensive Shelterers, which evoke strong emotions connected with poignant parts of our history.

The highlights were Tunnard’s collection with meteorology, astronomy and communication as influences. The juxtaposition of science and nature is really strong and the images with their nautical colours are very appealing, although it must be said that the view of different moons with their various craters and elements is a personal favourite.

St Ives and Beyond with accents from Barbara Hepworth, one of Chichester Copywriter’s favourite sculptors, was also a treat. Kate and Pete visited the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden in St Ives a few years back and were mesmerized by the beauty of her metal artwork that shimmered in the sunlight of the lush and magical garden.

It was while flicking through the comments book next to one of Hepworth’s sculptures at Pallant House, it became clear just how much art galleries inspire people to express themselves.  It was lovely to see visitor’s thoughts on the artwork and their own interpretations too. There were sketches of Hepworth’s sculpture by visitors of all ages and it was good to see how art can breed art.

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