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Chichester Copywriter is full of glee as the sun shines

I’m thrilled that the sun has finally got his hat on after a long, cold winter. If there’s one thing that a freelance copywriter needs it’s a little bit of sunshine to brighten up her day, put a spring in her step and get those creative juices flowing…

Working from home definitely has its blessings, take for example the fact that I’ve had to call a plumber out 4 times in the last 6 weeks, but it can be a bit lonesome at times too. You know you’re in real trouble when you start striking up conversation with the postman who tries to quickly and not so subtly get out fast!

I need peace and quiet to engage my copywriting brain but I also need inspiration to engage my creativity. I try to go for a trip in the West Sussex countryside once a week, there’s nothing like a touch of fresh air, a bit of exercise and keeping check on the beautiful area that I live in to totally fulfil me. I’m continuously reading fact to keep up with what’s going on in the worlds of social media and Search Engine Optimisation as well as reading fiction to keep my imagination alive for the creative writing.

I adore going to the cinema and enjoy all sorts of films from Tarantino to Rom Coms with a little Sci Fi thrown in to keep my man smiling. Keeping up-to-date with the latest 3D animations is also great fodder for my fairy style children’s book that I’m currently writing; both How to Train Your Dragon and Alice in Wonderland were a great inspiration.

 While I spend most of my working week as a freelance copywriter inside my home, where I’ve got a study full of books and some of my favourite illustrations and Shakespeare-inspired art brightening my walls, it’s good for me to get out every now and again. Now that the sun’s arrived at last (and fingers crossed it will stay) venturing out will become even more of a temptation for the Chichester Copywriter. But when there really is no time for an afternoon out, spending time copywriting or reading on my little sun-trap of a flower-filled balcony is a pretty good compromise!

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