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Spring has Sprung!

Nothing inspires the Chichester Copywriter more than the West Sussex countryside and the weekend before last I went for a drive around the South Downs hoping to glimpse two of my very favourite sights- snow drops poking their delicate heads through and new spring lambs bouncing merrily in the fields. I did spy a few snowdrops on the Goodwood House Estate and witnessed a glorious din as the birds got ready to nest on Goodwood Farm, but there was not a lamb’s tail in sight from the country roads.

Satisfied that I at least saw some snowdrops, I retreated home not feeling all that full of the joys of spring. However, all was not lost for when I arrived back on my comfy sofa I had a flick through the Chichester Observer and saw that the Weald and Downland Museum were doing their annual Mother’s Day Special again this year- just £2 entry and a bunch of daffodils for mums- and I was convinced that there would be some little lambs there so that I could get my spring fix.

Come Sunday afternoon I could hardly contain myself as I arrived at the Weald and Downland. When I had walked my way through field and forest I could eventually hear a tell-tale bleating sound that sent butterflies fluttering about my stomach. My lambs were here and in one of the lower fields towards the middle of the museum site- yippee!

I spent a good half an hour observing, marvelling at and photographing the Southdowns lambs that must have been just hours old (their birth cords were still visible from their little tummies!)  I watched a lonesome lamb basking in the spring sunshine, I watched curious lambs look about the field as their mothers called them near, I watched hungry lambs nudge their weary mothers as they tried to reach their milk supply and I watched mischievous lambs climb on the backs of their mothers, brothers and sisters – it was truly wonderful!

Not only did this past Sunday spent at the Weald and Downland bring the Chichester Copywriter some sensational sights of beautiful lambs, but it also inspired my copywriting with new Tamworth piglets snuffling about the woodland, sparkling carpets of snowdrops scattered across the woodland floor and the occasional daffodil radiating sunshine in the shaded areas.

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  1. Helen J Beal says:

    Baa! So cute! I am a big lamb fan too. Gorgeous pics – especially fond of the goose.

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