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Chichester Copywriter’s Services on New Cobnor Activities Centre website

Katy Lassetter Copywriting Services has been providing professional copywriting to Cobnor Activities Centre, near Chichester, since August 2009 and January 2010 has seen go live.

The activities centre, which specialises in outdoor education and activities such as sailing, canoeing and archery, approached Kate to help them with the copy for their new print brochure and a variety of promotional inserts for their new folder. Chichester Copywriter worked alongside the client to develop some really engaging and informative copy to be accommodated by Outside the Box Creative’s fantastic designs.

Happy with the success of their brochures, Cobnor Activities Centre decided that it was time for a complete overhaul of their website and they called on Chichester Copywriter yet again in November 2009. Using the web copy from their existing site as a base, Kate re-wrote the copy with updated information and creative flair while staying consistent with their brand and keeping Search Engine Optimisation at the forefront of her mind.

Outside the Box Creative designed the website in line with the style of their recent print promotion pieces and Chichester Design built the website. The requests for the website build were an up-to-date website with the capability for visitors to not only find out more about the activity centre’s courses and facilities but also for them to check the availability of courses and activities and then either contact Cobnor Activities Centre directly through a booking form or download a booking form online.

Another capability requested was for a blogging platform to be installed in tune with the website and a WordPress platform, just like one used for Chichester Copywriter, was deemed the best choice. Kate will continue to write the copy for Cobnor’s blog. Check out Cobnor Kate’s professional copywriting at:

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