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Tapirs love the snow too you know!

This year’s extra snowy weather revealed something intriguing to me about Terrance, my Malayan Tapir friend. He’s been living at Chichester Copywriter HQ since the summer and he’s been helping me to complete all sorts of copywriting, SEO, Google AdWords and other marketing projects.

But I’ve just found out that Terrance absolutely adores the snow. He loves to play in it, he loves to snuffle in and he loves to roll around in it. He revealed to me that he enjoys the cold wet feeling of the snow seeping through his hair, which he compared to bathing in the cool pools of the Southeast Asian rainforest on a warm day.

I suppose I shouldn’t be all that surprised because when I went to Longleat last February I had the delight of seeing giraffes enjoying the recent snow. They were lapping it up- quite literally! I assume it’s not much different to lapping up water from a cool puddle and the animals living here in the UK have become accustomed to the temperature differences compared to their native Africa:

So I thought I would let all you fellow tapir enthusiasts know about this new and exciting piece of tapir trivia, which I can’t imagine will make New Scientist’s headlines any time soon. And the rest of you, just humour me won’t you?  It is necessary for a professional copywriter to stretch her imagination to the limits daily in order to keep the creativity flowing free.

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