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Chichester Copywriter Changes Location

November brought the advent of a new location phase for the Chichester Copywriter.  Kate has been working in Chichester for just over one year now providing professional copywriting services such as web copy writing, Search Engine Optimisation, press release copywriting and social media and blog post updates. But her recent move brings her to the centre of town, making her that little bit more accessible for her customers.

Katy Lassetter Copywriting Services has moved from the suburbs to North Walls, central Chichester. That’s right Kate has moved away from the comforts of her mum’s home cooking and cushy, convenient hotel-like service to stand on her own two feet – well, to stand on Pete’s feet a little too.

Kate is now closer to the hubbub of town so is in the optimum location to meet her clients for copywriting consultations over coffee in any of Chichester’s multitude of cafes. So fancy meeting in Starbucks to discuss your webcopy updates, in Cafe Nero to mull over your newsletter content or in Costa to talk about what you want to achieve from social media? Get in contact with Kate today.

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