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Back afresh and feeling Fiennes

After being down with a rather unpleasant throat infection for more than a week a combination of a trip to the doctor for some medical relief and a trip to the theatre for some literary entertainment has brought the Chichester Copywriter back to life, both in body and mind.

I woke up this morning (which is good in its self as fulfilling sleep has been absent for a number of days now) with my mind brimming with new copywriting ideas.  I owe it in part to the medication that has already ceased the stabbing sensation in my throat and returned my body to a functioning temperature and in part to the inspirational play I witnessed at my local theatre.

When I say local theatre I am of course downplaying the much revered Chichester Festival Theatre which has celebrated many of its recent plays, such as the Last Cigarette and Calendar Girls, moving on to do stints at the West End. And the play which I am referring to is the wonderful Cyrano De Bergerac starring the lovely Joseph Fiennes (despite his sizeable costume nose) in the lead role.

What made the whole thing even better was that I didn’t have to pay a penny for the tickets that I won in a competition held by the theatre to find the most romantic moment.  I was only a runner up (that is indeed a lesson that my partner will have to strive for a higher romantic ideal in the future) and the free meal, roses and chocolates wouldn’t have gone amiss but I did get tickets to the best play I’ve seen in a very long time, which is nothing to be scoffed at.

Feinnes gave a fine performance indeed.  How he remembered all those lines is a wonder to me and how one can express such pathos and humour while retaining a certain sensual energy demanded by such a passionately themed production was marvellous.

The real treat for me was the wonderfully crafted rhyming verse, which Anthony Burgess captured perfectly in his translation from Rostand’s original version. This coupled with one of the most moving death scenes on the stage, which left the play’s terrific actors disoriented with pure emotion, was enough to awake me with fresh inspiration this morning. Thanks CFT, the Chichester Copywriter is now back in action and reporting for duty!

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