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Picture Perfect

Aha the wonder of avatars! On Tuesday, I was sitting in the Chichester Design office with my creative buddies and I took a look around at the motley crew and wondered about how we could add a bit of colour to our social media sites and a bit of personality to the team and I thought to myself “What about putting a face to the name”. 

I, for one, am not all that photogenic and as a rule throw a big fit about having any pictures taken unless I’m in complete control of the composition and can give it a jolly good Photoshopping afterwards.  So, I came to the conclusion that virtual representations of us would be a fun and pleasing idea for all involved (and of course very apt for those involved in the web business). 

After a bit of Google action, Ben found a nifty little program and we all set to work choosing the hair styles, face shapes, mouths, noses, eyes and accessories most like our own to create funky little alter ego cartoons that highlight all the things we like about ourselves and conveniently leave out all the things that make us go “urgggh” when we look in the mirror.

So here’s the result…kate-avatar1pete-avatar1

 And just so this copywriter flavoured avatar isn’t left feeling forlorn in cyberspace, I thought I’d create a technogeek avatar that resembles my man Pete, complete with laptop and a cuppa (as per usual!)!




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