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I Love Tapirs!

Hey all,

As a copywriter it’s important to keep those creative juices in full flow and seek out inspiration wherever possible, and one of the most inspirational things is nature.  On a recent trip to Longleat Safari Park (in fact on Valentine’s Day this year- romance is alive and kicking!) I found inspiration squeaking at me from the tapir enclosure. 

After watching these lovely creatures playing in the snow (and shielding myself and my camera from their spraying bottoms- what? Everyone has their down sides!) I fell head over heals for the little guys and girls, and they sent me away delighted and ready to write!

Word out,


Snow snuffling tapir

Snow snuffling tapir

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2 Responses to I Love Tapirs!

  1. Pete Alner says:

    The furry things are very bizarre. An odd creation sitting somewhere between a pig and an anteater. I like the funky hair do!

  2. kirstie wells says:

    Valentines day, Kate, Pete and a tapir…. what more could you wish for?! lol
    I know that Longleat is a fantastic place to visit and mooch around hand in hand.
    And I also strangely know facts about tapirs!! Here goes:

    Although tapirs are often mistaken for pigs and anteaters, they’re in the odd-toed hooved animal family (perissodactyls), as are the horse and rinocerous. All four species of tapir are endangered.
    The Malay tapir is native to Asia, where its natural enemies are the tiger and man.

    The largest tapir, the Malay tapir weighs up to 800 pounds. It also has the most dramatic coloration, with black shoulders, head, and legs and a white band around the body.

    If you see a tapir lounging on a hot day, you might think it is slothful. However, in motion, tapirs are fast and agile, and they also swim well.
    (like Kate, sunbathing one min and aqua aerobics the next!)

    Tapirs in captivity sometimes have violent tantrums: a Malay tapir severed the arm of a keeper at the Oklahoma City Zoo in 1998.

    So tapirs and Kate (arm severing reserved only for very bad days) do have some things in common!!! xxxxx

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